The Delaware Trust Solution that Advocates Trust.

Attorneys constantly seek better ways to serve clients, and for Estate Planners that often means selecting the best venue for a trust, and the best trustee to administer it.  Advocates Trust offers the premiere Delaware Trust Solution for attorneys throughout the United States and abroad.

Advocates Trust Service's (ATS) platform features a comprehensive suite of trust and fiduciary services with a team of experienced trust officers and staff. As a Delaware trust company, ATS can serve as Trustee, co-Trustee or Agent for a Trustee in the administration of any kind of personal trust, manage estates with non-traditional assets, and can serve in many capacities in the administration of a decedent’s estate.

Advocates Trust Group (ATG) is an attorney membership organization dedicated to providing the tools, techniques and support for Delaware Trusts. ATG services include tailored case design, attorney member resources, practice management and marketing support for Dynasty, Asset Protection, Special Needs, Life Insurance and Charitable Trusts, a Client Maintenance System, Co-Counsel, and Delaware Legal Education.

Whether an experienced practitioner or a new attorney looking to build their practice, Advocates Trust can work with you to maximize your client relationships. As home of over half of all Fortune 500 companies, Delaware offers many unique features and advantages that allow you to design and execute state-of-the-art trusts with maximum planning flexibility, greater tax savings, exceptional asset protection and wealth preservation, lower costs, and backed by a world-class court system. Advocates Trust can work with you to establish new Delaware trusts and transfer existing trusts to Delaware.

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