Fiduciary Services

Advocates Trust Services offers a complete array of trust and fiduciary services, including:
  • Acting as executor of an estate
  • Administrative trustee (i.e. as trustee with third-party investment management)
  • Full trustee (acting as trustee with full investment duties)
  • Successor trustee
  • Trustee of charitable remainder or foundation trusts
  • Trustee of life insurance trusts, Rollover IRA accounts (both self-directed and discretionary accounts), Dynasty Trusts and Asset Protection Trusts
Our staff of fiduciary experts has extensive, in-depth experience administering sophisticated trusts and estates including non-traditional fiduciary assets such as real estate interests, operating business interests, partnerships, oil and gas interests, antiques, artwork, royalties, copywrites and patents, and alternative investments.  Unlike some corporate fiduciaries, we do not feel obligated to sell these assets.  Instead, we use the advantage of our experience and resources to determine how to best maximize value for the family, even if it means continuing to hold such assets in trust.

For business owners, our experienced professionals can provide management, succession plans and strategic solutions for family limited partnerships, corporations, business interests and private equity investments owned in trusts and estates.

We Work Collaboratively to Achieve Our Common Mission

Our actions as a fiduciary are predicated on always acting in your client's best interests.  In addition to working with the client's attorney, we work collaboratively with other trusted advisors (Accountants, Brokers, Financial Planners, Insurance Agents, Investment Managers, Business Consultants, etc.) to make sure our services compliment the family's overall estate and financial plan.

We do not invest client funds in proprietary investment products. We believe that proprietary product investing raises, at a minimum, the perception that the investment benefits the corporate fiduciary individually to the detriment of the trust beneficiaries. 
Our Delaware situs provides the benefits of a trust jurisdiction that is forward thinking, innovative and respected in fiduciary and investment matters. Find out why Advocates Trust's Delaware Solution is a preferred wealth building, preservation and intergenerational transfer tool for America's leading Estate Planning Attorneys and their clients.