Professional Advocates Lifetime Maintenance System (PALMS)

Advocates Trust Group is pleased to offer the Professional Advocates Lifetime Maintenance System (PALMS), Powered by Connect2A. PALMS provides a technology platform for data and document sharing that clients can use to create a virtual family office, with 24-7 secure access from anywhere in the World. The state-of-the-art data manager allows you to increase revenue, enhance client relationships, and help create client satisfaction.

Some Benefits of Using PALMS:

  • Organize and Update Your Clients’ Information
  • Track Ownership and Beneficiary Designations
  • Organize Your Clients’ Personal, Financial and Legal Documents in a Document Vault
  • Develop Lifelong Relationships with Clients and their other Advisors
  • Assure that Plans are Maintained and Trusts Are Fully Funded
  • Complete Net Worth Aggregation and tracking of your client's financial portfolio
  • Create a Reoccurring Revenue Stream for your practice
  • Ensure that Post-Mortem Administration will be Organized and Efficient
  • Use PALMS as the Center Piece of Your Annual Meeting Process and fulfill your duties as Trust Protector

You can easily integrate PALMS customizable electronic personal information form into your practice. Client data is transfered from the software applications that you currently use, including the WealthCounsel Practice System. The data can also be used to update Fiduciary Accounting Systems, Financial/Estate Planning tools, Client Contact Management Systems, Funding Software/services, Income Tax Preparation and Post Mortem Administrtion. The PALMS client login can be integrated into your existing website and the Private encrypted Message Center easily connects clients to their Professional Advisor Team. The system generates reports including Personal Information Form, Net Worth Statement, Proposed Beneficiary Change Report and Proposed Title Change Report. 

PALMS System Pricing - ATG Member Discounts: 
Trial Offer: Up to 6 Clients | $75 per month
Up to 250 Clients | $145 per month 

PALMS System Pricing - Non-Member: 
Up to 250 Clients | $175 per month 
(*Volume discount available for over 250 Clients)
System Includes:
  • Unlimited Sub-Members Per Office/Address For Staff and Associates
  • Unlimited Guest Members For Client Family Members and Advisors 
  • Training for your Attorneys and Staff
  • Customized Client Access System
  • No Software or Updates to Install
  • Industry-Leading 128-Bit Security Encryption

PALMS Enrollment:

PALMS Enrollment Form (PDF)

Contact Us with any Questions on the PALMS Client Maintenance System or for a demonstration.