Trust Services

As a Delaware Trust Company, Advocates Trust Services helps attorneys and their clients achieve and implement their goals through a personalized, flexible trust administration platform.

This platform:

  • Allows a trust to hold partnerships LLCs and closely held operating businesses.
  • Allows a trust to hold large stock concentrations if such holdings are allowed by the instrument
  • Encourages the use of co-trustees, such as other family members or other trusted advisors
  • Encourages sharing fiduciary responsibilities with other professionals, investment experts or family members
  • Allows us to take advice from family members about trust distribution decisions

Advocates Trust Services offers trustee and administration services for almost any type of testamentary or inter vivos personal trust, including both revocable and irrevocable trusts, foundations, IRA accounts (self-directed and discretionary), Escrow accounts, privately held businesses, and administration of speciality assets.

Advocates Trust Group works with attorneys, assisting them in helping to create plans that are most advantageous to clients by using the full range of trust strategies available under Delaware law. Find out why Advocates Trust's Delaware Solution is the preeminent wealth building, preservation and intergenerational transfer tool for America's leading Estate Planning Attorneys and their clients.